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Simple Full Body Workout in the Pool

Updated: Mar 9

Working out in the pool is great. Mostly because it doesn’t have that dreaded workout feel to it and it is different than going to the gym every single day. Swimming is becoming a more and more popular way for baseball players to train and if done right it can give you an outstanding workout that rivals anything that can be done in a gym. Here is a simple 20-minute workout that will be sure to have you sweating inside the pool:

Minutes 0-5: Use your entire body to tread water. Kick your feet and flap your arms to stay above water.

Minutes 5-10: Use just your legs to tread water. Try keeping your arms still at your side and really work your legs to stay up.

Minutes 10-15: Tread water with just your arms. Keep your legs as still as possible and flap your arms.

Minutes 15-20: Go back to using your entire body to tread water.

It really doesn’t sound that difficult on paper but it is super tough when you get in the pool.

Please do not drown yourself by trying to do one of these exercises exactly as it is stated on the sheet. If you are going under, please deviate from the program and get to the edge of the pool so you can catch your breath. I will not allow one of my players to do this work out alone because I have seen a kid catch a cramp in his foot and he needed assistance to get to the edge of the pool. I am not telling you all of this stuff to scare you away from an awesome workout, I just want everyone to be safe out there. It is truly an awesome feeling when you can break a sweat in a pool and you have no idea the muscles that you will work when trying to stay afloat.

This is also a great workout to do the day after a start when you are sore. My players prefer to do this on the road when we are in a hotel and sometimes do not have access to a state of the art gym. All you need is a little water and a buddy to watch you do this work out and you will be amazed at how great it works you.

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