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How Playing Other Sports May Lead to a Baseball Scholarship

In most parts of the country, baseball is a year round sport. No matter if you are in a huge city or in a small rural town in the middle of nowhere you can find a league to play in or a travel team to join. It is really starting to get of hand. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love baseball and think it is the greatest sport on planet earth but I also love football, basketball, and golf. My five-year-old son is now playing soccer so I am sure I will add that one to my list soon. With all of the injuries piling up across all levels of baseball it may be time to go back to the old days and play whatever sport is in season.

The American Sports Medical Institute(ASMI) found that pitchers who competed more than 8 months out of the year were five times more likely to suffer an injury requiring surgery. This is absurd and can be fixed by doing something seemingly logical: PLAY MULTIPLE SPORTS! As a recruiting coordinator at a division one university we try to do our best to recruit “athletes.” The best way to find an athlete is to find on that has spent several years of his life playing other sports along with baseball. Our head coach is always quick to mention that he lettered in four sports for four years in high school and was lucky enough to play both baseball and football in college. He gets super excited when I bring him a prospect that is a multi-sport athlete and often times those are the ones who we offer the biggest scholarships. They usually have unmatched work ethic and the discipline to take on coaching and learn new things.

Please do not fall into the trap that is very harmful to your son’s “arm health” and let him go out and be a kid. There are plenty of other benefits socially and emotionally that could take up an entire book but hopefully the risk of injury can be the tipping point. Baseball is still the greatest sport in the entire world, just try to keep it to 8 months or less.


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