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Can a Baseball Player Get Better From Home?

Absolutely, positively, 100% YES you can get better from home! As a growing number of people are stuck in their homes amid the COVID-19 outbreak across the world, there is no better time than right now to work on yourself. If you are lucky enough to be healthy, do not waste this precious time. Find ways to workout, do arm care, study the game, and most importantly: COMPETE.

Here are a few examples of ways to improve your baseball game from home:

· Workout: Your gym is probably temporarily closed and you may not have weights or medicine balls at home to get in a normal workout but do not use this as an excuse. An old coach of mine always said that, “If you have a floor then you have a gym.” Good, old-fashioned, push-ups and sit-ups get lost in the shuffle this day and age. Most kids get these elaborate workout programs and they cannot even properly do one single push-up. Get in the proper push-up position, go all the way down to where your chest touches the floor, and then extend your arms all the way back to where you started. Start by doing as many as you can on day one, take a day off, and then do it all over again competing against yourself to do more the next time. Other exercise ideas include sit-ups, power jumps, body weight squats, wall sits, planks, burpees, v-ups, and many more. Use this time as a competitive advantage because someone else in your same skill level may be sitting at home playing video games.

· Arm Care: Even though you are not competing in baseball games, do not let your arm get completely out of shape. What worries me most is that once they tell us we can actually go back to playing, youth leagues and organizations are just going to jump right back into games. It takes a few weeks to get your arm back in playing shape after an extended period of rest. Keep up with your band work, arm circles, and any other routine that you are used to doing during the season. If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, grab a sibling or a parent and play catch as often as you can so that you are ready to go when they give us the green light.

· Watch your favorite MLB player on YouTube: We have a lot of time on our hands right now, so look up your favorite player on YouTube and watch their delivery or swing over and over again. MLB players are the best on the planet so there is no better person to try to emulate than a big leaguer. Watch how they compete and watch how good they are at repeating the same delivery or swing each time. What they do may not work for you, but it is always good to get pointers from one of the best in the world that play our game.

· Compete. Every. Single. Day: Arguably, the most important thing for young players to learn is how to compete. The cool thing about competition is that you can find it anywhere you look. The obvious ones inside of your house are video games, board games, or games like ping-pong or pool. Any time you are playing a game against another person, give it your all and do your best to WIN. Learning how to win is imperative to any athlete’s development. Even more important is learning the fact that losing is not acceptable. In the age of participation trophies and 10th place ribbons, not winning or not coming in first is becoming more and more tolerated. If someone is keeping score, you should do your best to win, and be upset if you do not. It does not matter what you are playing, strive to win and compete like heck until you get there. Just remember, either you win, or you learn from not winning.

I hope that everyone can take a few tips from this post and take advantage of your time at home. Stay safe out there.


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