About Us

About us
Baseball pitching is in an outrage. We have companies attacking one another on social media and then their respective followings chiming in to give their two cents. We have other companies suing each other for stealing programs and improperly distributing them to players without permission. We have big leaguers suing companies for using their likeness to analyze video and compare it to youth players.

It is crazy! We have completely lost sight of what we are all in this for “The Players”. Kids these days are getting hurt at alarming rates and all we can do is argue as to who has the best program and who is the reason to blame. At Baseball on Command we strive to put the players first and find the program that fits the best for each individual player. If a player wants to do weighted balls, we will find a program that works. If a player wants to do bands and long toss, we can make that work also. If he wants to do something different we will work with him and come up with a plan. We promise to never bash another program and always put the player FIRST.


Our mission is to significantly decrease major arm injuries in youth players by correcting mechanical flaws at an early age and ensuring that our players get the proper amount of rest throughout the year.